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About Frankly Human

Experience design, strategy and training

Bringing a breadth of experience in design thinking, training and development, and specifically with teaching and crafting custom design training programs. Our passion is in learning, teaching and practising design thinking and mindsets to empower individuals to solve problems big and small.

Be ready for an authentic and adaptable communication style, speaking the language of the designer, manager, employee, customer, geek, sales person, trainer, marketer, or business owner.

We are actively engaged with leading design and innovation training organisations in Melbourne, specialising in group and one-one-one coaching and training design and facilitation.

Our experience includes custom design training programs for NPOs, corporate teams, education providers and public programs.

About Jac

Jac's purpose is to authentically share my gifts so that others can realised their gifts can make a difference

The values that support her achieving this purpose are:

  • Purpose
  • Curiosity
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Passion
  • Expression
  • Collaboration
  • Fun
  • Betterness

With 16 years experience across diverse industries and organisational scales, her approach is genuine, consultative and collaborative.

A student of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Change across several leadership roles, Jac spent several years expanding her understanding of what makes people happy at work and how to support them in fulfilment and performance excellence.

Transformation from legal and  commercial risk management to human centred design makes Jac uniquely conscious of the courage needed and fulfilment waiting for those ready to make big change.

A practising human centred designer, Jac's day job is to craft meaningful experiences for businesses, teams and users (human beings).  How awesome is that?! She's a professional problem solver and whiteboard worker-outer-er. 

With a strong storytelling sensibility, Jac facilitates an inclusive creative environment of sometimes animated conversations, knowledge sharing, listening to understand and build. 

Jac's personal focus as a human and professional is to:

  • Help many people
  • Solve big problems
  • Believe in what we do
  • Practice outside of your comfort zone
  • Work with talented people
  • Empower people
  • Powerful conversations
  • Listen carefully
  • Learn daily

It's such a delight to choose these things in every moment at work.

Better-ness at work

A designer and educator. Our intention is to make design accessible through sharing our experience, crafting programs, workshops, events and materials to support humans to be more human centred.  By using simple techniques, methods and mindsets, our belief is that people can make more impact through their work as individuals, teams and organisations.

A few of the tools that Jac presents to support her purpose:

  • Empathy
  • Expertise
  • Improvement
  • Frameworks
  • Play
  • Storytelling
  • Process co-creation
  • Mindfulness
  • Strategic Change

Providing freelance consultation outside of full time a role as an Experience Design Director at a leading agency in Melbourne, I balance many interesting projects both personal and professional.

Things Jac can help you with:  

  • Strategic design direction
  • Problem definition
  • Design project planning
  • Consultation and collaboration with existing creative and technical teams
  • Custom design thinking programs
  • Special events and community outreach

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